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Call And Response

from by Bangs

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Just shut up yeah just shut up is that what I should do?
And pretend it's all okay try to not yell the truth?
Just ignore it walk away "don't give them what they want"
A call a cry an angry look a justified response
Change to pants and dye my hair do everything I can
To disappear against cement you couldn't understand
Its years of names and disrespect I won't shut up anymore
Its everyday and everywhere so loud you can't ignore

Stick to the alleys crash my car and never wear a skirt
Follow all the backwards rules and you will not get hurt
Its so messed up its not ok its really nothing new
Sunglass world I'm hiding in from you and you and you

Hold your breath and suffocate and bite your angry tongue
Just play dead look straight ahead don't talk to anyone
Wipe your lips and hide your hips and arms across the front
Fox you gotta keep an eye for dogs they're on the hunt

Do you know just how it feels to always get called out?
Every minute everyday they wanna drag you down
Into a world of ugly words for all the pretty things
A girl has got to hide away to walk by quietly

Hold my breath - is that what I should do?
Suffocate - is that what I should do?
Bite your angry tongue - is that what you would do?
Just play dead look straight ahead - is that what I should do?

Won't shut up I won't shut up it's not what I should do
Can't pretend its all okay I'm gonna yell the truth
Won't ignore it can't walk away can't give them what they want
It's not a call it's not a cry it's a justified response
To you


from Call And Response, released September 10, 2002



all rights reserved


Bangs Olympia, Washington

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